Hello and welcome. This website is run by Alex Brown, a Florida Gulf Coast University student majoring in management with a concentration in sport and a minor in economics. This site will mostly be used to publish heavily researched scouting reports regarding NCAA/International prospects entering into the NBA, G-League, and international leagues. This is a passion of mine, as I aspire to work for pro teams or colleges regarding scouting/strategic analytics. These reports will (hopefully) attest to my knowledge of the game and my understanding of the prerequisites that can assist in developing great players. These reports are based solely off of domestically available film, live games, statistics, advanced statistics, and interviews, as I do not currently have the time or money to see everyone in person or buy access to top analytics software like the pros’ do. I look forward to one day utilizing the top tech in the industry to consistently provide greater insight to teams. I can only inquire about very important personality traits from what is publicly said (which can be unreliable) and how they interact with others on and off the court. Furthermore, I will dive as deep as I can into advanced stats, but I have no access to tools such as Synergy Sports, so most data used is retrieved from multiple other statistics databases.

Furthermore, I will likely be posting mock drafts to put out my ideas on who teams might draft and to evaluate prospects that I have yet to dive deeply into.

Enjoy, and feel free to comment and/or send me feedback, and for updates follow me on Twitter @AhbAnalytics or become an email follower.

For all general and business inquiries, please email me at: ahb.scouting@gmail.com

Primarily, stats acquired through: sportsreference.com

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