2018 NBA Mock Draft

2018 NBA Mock Draft V.16

Last Updated: 6/20/18

Alex Brown

  1. Phoenix Suns:Deandre Ayton: I like Ayton at this pick to establish an inside-outside presence with a generational big man. He has many of the prerequisites for a superstar big, and will be the number 1 pick here for the Suns. His unbelievable body and scoring versatility will seem like too much to pass on, with his only true court issue being his defensive instincts and motor. Averaged 20 ppg and 11 rebounds, and was 61% from the field overall and 34% from deep. The Suns really cannot risk missing out if Ayton reaches his very high ceiling. However, the fact that the Suns hired Igor Kokoskov (LD’s old Slovenian coach) shows their potential interest in Luka Doncic as well. Bottom line, if they take anyone other than Ayton or Doncic, they missed out on this pick in my eyes, as both are great picks. Doncic is much better right now and will make a more immediate impact.
  2. Sacramento Kings: Pf/C Marvin Bagley III: The Kings will pass on Luka Doncic and draft Bagley, who has insane athleticism and developing versatility that could change the King’s offense for good. Doncic would be an excellent pick here, but this is the Kings we are talking about who draft often for potential and athleticism. Pick and rolls with Bagley and Fox could be devastating. Since the Kings are not exactly contenders, they can let Bagley develop even more into the star he is supposed to be. When that jumpshot is even more developed, and his range extended, this team could be great and have their core established for the future. Some say Bagley is a tweener but I do not buy that, I think he has perhaps the most physical potential of any power forward in the draft and could realistically be a fringe star. The other best pick here would be Doncic, as he could fill that 3 spot for the Kings and become established as another ball handler, taking pressure off of Fox.
  3. Atlanta Hawks: Pg/Sg/Sf Luka Doncic: The Hawks have expressed interest in Doncic and the Slovenian Swingman might not be taken by the Kings. While you really can’t go that wrong with Doncic, he will be the cornerstone to continue and escalate the rebuilding process of the Hawks for the next couple years. They could build a solid core around him, as getting a playmaker for a new offense is often a difficult task and one they would not have to worry about during this rebuild. Doncic also essentially helps everyone else play better, and could transform this team. Furthermore, Doncic can play off the ball just as well as he can on the ball, so his potential role is extremely versatile. This would be a dream come true for the Hawks. Hoping the Hawks do the right thing and pass on Jackson if he falls to them, who only played 22 minutes a game in college and had a very inconsistent motor and a fundamentally odd jumper. Doncic is the best player in this draft. 
  4. Memphis Grizzlies: Sf/Pf Michael Porter Jr: The Grizzlies are in an odd spot in this draft, as Mo Bamba and Jaren Jackson reportedly denied giving medicals and working out for them, and both are widely considered in the Grizzlies’ draft range. Michael Porter would be the best fit for the Grizzlies if they believe he can be healthy and help them be a playoff team and keep them competitive after Conley and Gasol are gone. They are a team that wants to consistently be competitive and if they think Porter could be a star to help them do that, they will not pass on him. There is no doubt he has excellent size for his position as well as excellent shot creating skills and a go-to scorer mentality. He was in contention for the number 1 pick before the back injury as well, so the skill and potential are (or was) there. Plus, he could slide in pretty well next to Evans or Gasol at the 3 or 4. I personally think the Grizzlies should throw in the towel and full on rebuild, but that just is not their culture. The Grizzlies should really consider trading here to bring in some new talent as well, as this draft is deep enough for them to get a solid player in the top 20. If a trade occurs, expect Mo Bamba/JJJ here.
  5. Dallas Mavericks: Pf/C Jaren Jackson Jr: With aging or injured players at the 4/5 and the success of Dennis Smith Jr. the Mavs should look to establish their defensive big man (at the 4) of the future in Jaren Jackson Jr. The Mavs will be very interested in Jackson’s excellent defensive measurables and defensive potential. Plus, his developing range is enticing, and what better teacher than Dirk to help him develop his shot (he releases too low to be very versatile in my opinion) I do think he needs to change his form if he were to find versatile success in the NBA. With next year’s class likely to be stacked with guards and wings, a future defensive anchoring big man would be the move here. They might see Jackson as the defensive anchoring big they have coveted desperately for so long
  6. Orlando Magic: Pg Trae Young: The Magic need some flare and a point guard, and Trae Young brings that in excess. His insane range and creating ability is already at an NBA level, and he will have a chance to tie together talent that the Magic has. He will be able to create for shooters such as Evan Fournier, and drive and dump to Vucevic and Gordon (if he stays). Furthermore, the Magic were one of the worst teams in the league from the 3pt line, and Young could add immediate impact here. Also, the Magic desperately need a star, and the Steph Curry comparisons (while virtually meaningless) are certainly attractive to a team depraved of stardom. It would be an interesting move for the Magic, but they have so many bigs and lengthy wings that it makes little sense to keep stacking them. The Magic might pull the trigger on another big with length, such as Bamba in order to better protect the paint. I would be disappointed if Trae did not get drafted here as the magic need a star and a playmaker, and Trae has potential in both areas.
  7. Chicago Bulls: C Mo Bamba: Bamba will add immediate rim protection to one of the weaker paint defenses in the league, and complement impressive outside scoring forward Lauri Markkanen. Furthermore, if Bamba develops that outside shot even more the Bulls could easily have 5 players on the floor that can shoot the 3 at all times (including Portis off the bench). This is likely Bamba’s floor in the draft if he fell to the Bulls. He could fall due to him having a larger basement than some of the other center prospects, such as Wendell Carter at this spot. Also, Bamba is a talented offensive rebounder and the Bulls are often inconsistent, so Bamba could really pick up some extra possessions they need. The other potential picks here would be Carter or Mikal Bridges, as both would fill a hole well and add a lot to this team. Bridges is perfect for Hoiberg’s system as a perfect 3&D guy on an excellent team. Carter is still a solid one who would add immediate low post impact and impact a lot defensively. He might be the best pick for the Bulls, but it would be hard to turn down Bamba if he landed here.
  8. Cleveland Cavaliers: Pg/Sg Collin Sexton: Tough, competitive guard that is relentless on the offensive end could bring some energy to the Cavs. He has developing all around scoring and the craft to finish inside. He will have to develop more as a creator if he wants to find more success here, but I am sure he could learn a lot from the current Cavs roster (if James does not walk). The other obvious picks would be Shai or Trae if he falls here. They need point guard play and perimeter defense, and  Shai Gilgeous-Alexander would be a solid selection here as well with all that defensive potential and developing playmaking.
  9. New York Knicks: Sg/Sf Mikal Bridges: David Fizdale is looking for length and athleticism in a wing, and has stated that is what he ideally would walk away from the draft with. Bridges is that guy, with intimidating length for a 2/3 and a 3pt percentage nearing the mid forties. If he is still on the board here, the Knicks would be thrilled. They would then have the blueprint for defensive dominance with Ntilikina, Bridges, and Porzingis headlining the roster. I am really high on Bridges, as I see more of the future Jimmy Butler/Kawhi Leonard than the Tony Snell. He is a championship player who steps up when he needs too. Tony Snell shies away. The other potential pickups are Kevin Knox and Carter Jr if he falls here.
  10. Philadelphia 76ers: C/Pf Wendell Carter Jr: Carter would add much needed depth at the 4/5 spot and give the 76ers another weapon. Carter is used to playing a complementary role alongside stars, so he should fit in nicely and help them all do their job better and stretch the floor when he can. He has solid measurables but is a tad short at the 5 spot (6’10). His 7’4 wingspan lets him play larger than his height though, and his intangibles will help any team along. Furthermore, he has a lower ceiling than many lottery picks but a much higher floor. The 76ers also need solid depth that can defend. With improved lateral quickness, I would bet he could switch on guards and wings as well, just like Horford can. This is his draft floor, and will be solid and a safe pick. The Bulls likely take him at 7, but if Bamba falls there could be a dilemma. 
  11. Charlotte Hornets: Sf/Pf Kevin Knox: With the Hornets lack of success and looking at a rebuild, a young player with the potential of Knox is the perfect fit for their timeline. The biggest questions about Knox are positional, as he is a combo forward and occasionally blurs the lines. Regardless, he could end up playing the 3/4 spot which could be a necessity considering Marvin Williams is aging. Yet, Kevin’s scoring flashes and versatility on the offensive end will be very attractive for one of the youngest players in the draft. Knox will fit this timeline perfectly and will hopefully be flexible for the future.
  12. Los Angeles Clippers: Sg Lonnie Walker IV: Walker is a developing scoring guard that has struggled occasionally at Miami. He had some brilliant flashes though, and demonstrated a lightning quick first step when attacking closeouts along with developing scoring versatility. His inside finishes are strong but instinctual and lack a ton of craft. He is pretty bouncy with solid length as well, and could be a lob target at the guard spot. 3pter is developing nicely too. Furthermore, Walker spoke very highly of himself as a potential franchise player despite the fact that he occasionally was timid on the offensive and defensive ends. If his confidence rises more and more he could be quite a solid player for the Clippers. I am personally not very high on Walker, as he is pretty average right now in terms of skill and confidence, but I can see the potential and what LA could like. I just do not see him as a great NBA player… will be a starter at best unless he makes a massive leap. Boom or bust, and I predict bust.
  13. Los Angeles Clippers: Sf/Pf Miles Bridges: Bridges is the best available on the board here, and has crazy athleticism that could help glue this dwindling team together, or help set up for its future. He also has developing reliability from 3pt range but will need to add versatility to his offensive game to succeed. Since the Clips have back-to-back picks, taking a risk on Bridges despite the questions about his position at the next level might be the move. He is a tall 6’6, and players like Jae Crowder have still found success at that size. His crazy athleticism will help on switching on the defensive end.
  14. Denver Nuggets: Pg/Sg Shai Gilgeous-Alexander: The Nuggets should look to strengthen their rotation at the 1, and Shai could make an immediate impact as a defender off the bench for that 1 spot. With over a 7 foot wingspan at 6’6, his size just screams potential, and he is a proven playmaker and developing scorer as well. He was a pure shooter but put up 10 shots per game (1.5 attempts per game from 3 at 40%, but mostly shot inside), but shoots over 80% from the free throw line so the fundamentals are indeed there. Could be a solid all around point in time. Will need to cut down on turnovers though. (This is my favorite pick for the Nuggets, can’t go too wrong here unless they try to make him a bench scorer to start, which he will struggle with in his early years.)
  15. Washington Wizards: Pf/C Robert Williams: Williams seems to be in line to become a powerful dunker, rebounder, and defensive force at the next level. The Wizards could use that support to help screen for their star guards and be a lob target for them as well. Think Clint Capela’s role, and thats basically what Williams could really excel at. Gortat is too slow and 34 years old, so the Wizards should look to replace him before they have to rebuild. This should be his ideal landing spot. I would really enjoy seeing the athletic displays from John Wall/Robert Williams pick and rolls. I’d love seeing this pick.
  16. Phoenix Suns: Pg/Sg Landry Shamet: The Suns need a creator and should hopefully draft for fit here, and the Witchita State lead guard Landry Shamet could be their guy. Shooting an incredible 44% from deep his last year, he is a proven scorer that also passes the ball well at 5.2 assists per game. The backcourt tandem of Booker and Shamet could be deadly, and with Deandre Ayton patrolling the middle, the Suns might just have found their future in this draft. Shamet has plenty of weapons to look for, and will excel on this team. He is also incredibly crafty and has some sneaky acceleration so I really disagree with the criticism he faces regarding athleticism and such. He can be a solid NBA player no doubt. Some say Shamet is not a first round player due to athleticism, but his style and niche do not need ridiculous athleticism, especially playing with 2 potential stars. He needs to shoot and create, not be a major athlete. Aaron Holiday might be a solid pickup here as well.
  17. Milwaukee Bucks: Sg/Sf Zhaire Smith: Bucks need some more scoring from their not-so-admirable bench. While bigs like Thon Maker have started to show promise, the bench has been horrendous on the wings and just not producing at a winning rate. A ridiculously bouncy wing at 6’4 with a 6’10 wingspan who can shoot the 3 at around 45% on only 1 attempt per game could have a chance here to grow confidence in that shot. He will impress in workouts and has blazing speed as well. Considering he just turned 19 on June 4th he has a ton of upside and room to grow. Smith doesn’t have the mentality to be like Donovan Mitchell, but Mitchell’s boom after the draft was unexpected and Smith has the prerequisites to do the same, pardon his hesitance to take as many shots. This could have also came from the culture he was in, and might not have been his role to shoot a lot. If he were given a more green light, who knows what he could do? With the success of the athletic freak Giannis, the Bucks could very well find a successful pick in Zhaire who is not limited by athleticism. 
  18. San Antonio Spurs: G/Sf Troy Brown: A 6’7 positionless perimeter defender with a 6’10.5 wingspan and a seemingly high motor could be attractive to the Spurs at 18. His offensive game has a long way to go, but the issues are fundamental and nobody teaches fundamentals better than the Spurs. He has shown himself as a willing scorer and creator, who can defend the perimeter and poke balls loose every game. Oregon relied on him to score and create, and despite shooting 29% from deep he hoisted up 3 per game. They look good when he hits them but his fundamentals are inconsistent, and considering he is one of the youngest players in the draft, I am sure he has time to develop some consistency on the offensive end, whether that be by changing his approach or by developing his game more or both. He has one of the higher ceilings at this point in the draft, and considering many regard Jaren Jackson as a top 5 pick in this years draft (citing his potential 2 way upside due to athleticism, age, and size), I believe Brown could have similar upside.
  19. Atlanta Hawks: Sg/Sf  Jerome RobinsonA smooth shooting wing would fit in great with the Hawks. Robinson was a streaky shooting guard out of Boston College, and 40% from deep his previous year. Robinson has a scorer’s mentality, and is a developing 3 level scorer. Inside, he has craft and impressive reverse finishes around the rim that avoid contact. From midrange, he has flashed post skills and dribble moves setting up easy shots, but will need to continue to develop this to get to an NBA level. From 3pt land he is streaky but deadly, and can easily hit 2 or 3 a game. He reminds me of a less bouncy/athletic Zach LaVine. Needs to develop defense more.
  20. Minnesota Timberwolves: Sg Donte DiVincenzo: Scoring guard that loves the spotlight and can handle the ball or play off of it. Had top notch athleticism at the combine, and has all the right tools to become a solid NBA player for years to come. While he is a tad short to have supreme potential he could be a solid player on any good team that needs shooting. Can be a 3 way scorer at times or a spot up shooter if needed. He is the kind of guy you want as a spark plug off the bench. He could play either guard spot and be an instant contributor on a team that needs more 3pt scoring.
  21. Utah Jazz: Sg/Pg Khyri Thomas: Khyri’s 6’10-6’11 wingspan and 3pt pedigree doesn’t lie, and will add a strong backup 3&D guard to the Jazz’s lineup as they try to push deeper into the playoffs in this coming season. He gives other guards a real tough time on the perimeter, and 3&D backups are essential to teams pushing deep into the playoffs. If he becomes anything like prime Avery Bradley, that would be a great pick.
  22. Chicago Bulls: Sg/Sf Chandler Hutchison: Boise State wing Chandler Hutchison would fill the hole at the 3 spot with surprising potential if the Bulls do not select a wing with their 7th pick. His season was highlighted by a 44 points and 8 rebounds game with SDSU. He has a high motor and has seen a statistical development track almost identical to Mikal Bridges, minus the NCAA championships and with weaker competition. He is an excellent slasher and defender with developing range. Yet, he still has more that he can add to his game, especially when driving the lane and creating shots at mid-range, so he has certainly not hit his peak yet.
  23. Indiana Pacers: Sg Kevin Huerter: A lot of people seem really high on Huerter, and they have good reason to be as he seems like a sort of discount Klay Thompson. With solid size at 6’7, he is a tough shot maker with an excellent stroke and has flashes of excellent defensive instincts. Could come off the bench and light it up for a couple years and then will likely get a starting job if his development persists. He will need to bulk up if he wants to be versatile in the NBA, however. He adds strong shooting at the 2 spot with top notch 3pt shooting and solid shot creating. The Pacers were near the bottom of the league in 3pters made and attempted, so adding shooting should be the priority. Jerome Robinson or DiVincenzo would be solid options as well if they are still on the board, but Huerter might end up being the best of the 3.
  24. Portland Trailblazers: Pg Aaron Holiday: The Blazers could look to add some more backcourt depth and find a piece that is adequate off the bench for C.J and Dame. While Holiday might not become a star, he is a very capable and experienced scorer and creator. He also has a deadly NBA ready jumper, shooting 43% from deep on just over 6 attempts per game. While he is a little short at just under 6’1, he has a 6’7 wingspan that will allow him to play bigger and guard that 1 spot and shorter 2’s pretty well. The defensive potential is there, but he will need to bulk up and work on his vertical play in order to be a very successful guard.
  25. Los Angeles Lakers: C Mitchell Robinson: With Brook Lopez entering unrestricted free agency, the Lakers could add a big man with a ton of physical potential, but has plenty of questions about his mentality and general intelligence, as he had major controversy in leaving WKU unannounced. Not the kind of thing that will make fans in front offices. In interviews he does not seem like the sharpest knife in the drawer either. Yet, his smooth athleticism and defense are too much to take him into the second round. Could end up being a Clint Capela+.
  26. Philadelphia 76ers: Sg Josh Okogie: 6’4 guard with a 7 foot wingspan, could be a solid defender off the bench with developing scoring versatility. His measurables are awesome and he has some crazy athleticism as well. Dunks everything he can, smart cutter and got-to scorer mentality. Great instincts as well and a solid 3pt shot just add to his possibilities. Do not sleep on this guy, he has better measurables and stats than Lonnie Walker and some better than Zhaire Smith. Could end up being the one of the best 2 guards out of this draft with continued development.
  27. Boston Celtics:Brandon McCoy: A solid big just under 7’1 with talented interior scoring will be a solid bench player for the stacked Celtics. He is also a great rebounder with a developing jumpshot. The Celtics could use his size as they lack any seven footers and their system will fit perfectly with McCoy’s mentality and intellect, though feel needs improvement.
  28. Golden State Warriors: Pg/Sg Jalen Brunson: Brunson’s championship experience and high character will be attractive to the Warriors looking to continue fortifying their legendary roster. A mature, NBA ready backup point could be just what they are looking for. People will sleep on him due to his age (which is really not that bad) and he will end up having a long career anyway.
  29. Brooklyn Nets: Pf/C Moritz Wagner: The Nets have basically nobody at the power forward spot, and will look to add to their young frontcourt by adding the smooth scoring big man from Michigan. His competitive mentality could always provide energy, as well as his developing 3pt range. At 6’11.5, his size is solid too, but his general lack of speed will limit his upside. Might become most useful as a stretch 5, and a potential steal.
  30. Atlanta Hawks: Sf/Pf Keita Bates-Diop: The Hawks could look to add an older combo forward who was great at the combine with insane measurables (6’8.5 feet tall, 7’3.5 wingspan). With the verdict still out on the very inconsistent Taurean Prince, Keita could end up being a key bench player or even a solid starter down the road. He was generally consistent throughout his senior year (only 6 games below 16 points) and was one of the best players in college basketball, scoring in a variety of ways and rebounding very well.

  31. Phoenix Suns: Pf/C Omari Spellman: Played a solid role in Nova’s championship run, and was a physical big that could stretch the floor and bang inside. Lob target as well and a committed defender. Could be a rotation big with time and development.
  32. Memphis Grizzlies: Sf Dzanan Musa: Very slim 6’9 with excellent scoring instincts and a nice 3pt shot. Very young and has been playing pro overseas since he was 15. Experienced and driven.
  33. Dallas Mavericks: Pg Anfernee Simons: Mysterious point with an excellent 3pt stroke in high school and solid all around scoring. Good size at 6’3 with a lot of potential along with a lot of question marks concerning who and what he is nowadays. High potential, but he has flown down draft boards almost everywhere.
  34. Atlanta Hawks: Pg Elie Okobo: I am not real high on Okobo, but some say he really has talent and could be an NBA point guard. Seems incredibly average at this point to me. But who knows? He could surprise everyone.
  35. Orlando Magic: Pg Trevon Duval: Solid creator with bounciness and a ton of potential, but lacks a smooth shooting stroke giving him issues scoring the ball. He has the frame and feel of an NBA player, however.
  36. Sacramento Kings: Sf Jacob Evans: Great defending wing with a serviceable 3pt stroke, could be a solid contributor at best off the bench. Lacks supreme upside. Key contributor to the Bearcat’s run this year.
  37. New York Knicks: Pg/Sg De’Anthony Melton: Has not played basketball for a while now due to that FBI investigation but had solid numbers at the start and seemed like an all around point. Was a solid, intense defender.
  38. Philadelphia 76ers: Sg Gary Trent Jr: The 76ers will look for depth at the 2 spot considering J.J and Marco might not come back after the summer. Trent is a high character guy who can really impact the game with underrated scoring skills and a deadly 3pt stroke. He will be ready to make an impact, which is just what a team pushing to be a contender needs. Was not a huge defender but is a smart kid and can change it with a great defensive coach. Duke in general did not play much defense so he could be a hidden defender as he is a high character guy that has a lot of intangible talent. Likely a steal if he falls to the second round.
  39. Los Angeles Lakers: Sg Grayson Allen: Fits in perfectly as a tough scoring guard with some controversy along with loads of talent. 3pt shot is deadly. Would be a solid backup guard and can handle the ball as well. While he gets a lot of hate, he has the talent to be a starting guard if he puts it all together down the road. He is not exactly admirable regarding his demeanor though.
  40. Brooklyn Nets: Sg/Sf Melvin Frazier: 6’6 wing with good on ball defense and adequate 3pt shooting, could be a solid bench wing for the future. Ridiculous 7’1.5 wingspan, and improved in virtually every single aspect of his game over his 3 years at Tulane. 38% 3pt shooter, and 2.2 steals per game, so the 3&D potential is there. Furthermore, many of his biggest issues are fundamental, as he seems to be pretty instinctual. This could change in an environment where he can develop those skills more.
  41. Orlando Magic: Sg Hamidou Diallo: Ridiculously athletic at 6’5, did not see the development scouts wanted but still has all the right physical tools to be something in the league. Lacks a great feel for the game and a solid jumper.
  42. Detroit Pistons: Sg Rawle Alkins: A nice 3pt shot and solid scoring instincts will get Rawle higher on boards. Does not have great size at 6’4 but has some spot up shooting potential that might be useful. Furthermore he has long arms (6’8.5) and could develop more as a defender.
  43. Denver Nuggets: Pg/Sg Devonte Graham: I think Graham will struggle due to lack of size and length. He has the skill and the shooting but I am not sure his body will work at the next level. Could be an off ball shooter and secondary ball handler as well.
  44. Washington Wizards: Sf Rodions Kurucs: Yet another solid international shooter with excellent size at 6’9, could contribute sooner than expected rather than down the road.
  45. Brooklyn Nets: Sg Bruce Brown: Could be a serviceable scorer/shooter off the bench, had a good run with Miami but could’ve been a lot better. Really fell off after an amazing first year, so could have unexpected value here.
  46. Houston Rockets: Pg Jevon Carter: Solid defender, distributor, and scorer. Had a great beginning to the 17-18 season as a veteran defender that had the most impact on the game at the defensive end, even though he is a little small at the 1 spot.
  47. Los Angeles Lakers: Sg Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk: Good sized wing at 6’7.5 with a solid 3pt shot as the anchor to his game. Will need to diversify his game more at the next level to become anything more than a spot up 2 guard.
  48. Minnesota Timberwolves: PF Jarred Vanderbilt: Excellent size at 6’9 with a wingspan over 7 feet, could be a serviceable wing in the future but far from an NBA player right now. Has a lot of defensive potential.
  49. San Antonio Spurs: Sf Kevin Hervey: Good size, potential at the 3&D bench slot. 6’8 with over a 7 foot wingspan, and was a 20 ppg scorer at UT Arlington. Has some instinctual flaws, however.
  50. Indiana Pacers: Pg Tony Carr: Solid shooting point with great size at 6’4. Could be a bench contributor down the road, will need to improve IQ for any larger role. 3pter is deadly.
  51. New Orleans Pelicans: Sf Arnoldas Kulboka: Tall wing with fluid athleticism could end up being a solid wing for the Pel’s or a solid draft and stash option.
  52. Utah Jazz: Pg/Sg Shake Milton: Great sized point at 6’6 that is developing his offensive game. Great 3pt shooter at 43%, but overall was 44% from the total field and needs to diversify his offensive game in order to succeed. Not an amazing creator but an adequate one. Really good free throw shooter as well. Could be a sleeper impact player.
  53. Oklahoma City Thunder: Sg Malik Newman: Pure scoring guard that lacks height but possess a streaky, versatile jumper. Could end up in a Lou Williams type role if he reaches his potential. Unlikely though.
  54. Dallas Mavericks: Pf Chimezie Metu: Athletic big with a solid developing jumper, but underachieved during his junior year. Inconsistent post game as well.
  55. Charlotte Hornets: Sf/Pf Justin Jackson MD: Combo forward with solid scoring and defensive versatility is his main selling point evidently. Having over a 7 foot wingspan helps him as well.
  56. Philadelphia 76ers: Sf/Pg Isaac Bonga: Raw international point forward at 6’9. Not a lot of jumper skills but he is very young and has talent for creating but likely has a very long road to the NBA. Draft and stash prospect.
  57. Oklahoma City Thunder: Pf Alize Johnson: Good transition big with solid rebounding. He is a tad small at the 4 spot at only 6’8 and was not in a great program, but is unique as he used to be a 5’9 point guard who grew and maintained some of those fundamentals. He is an interesting player, but probably will not be a huge success in here.
  58. Denver Nuggets: Sg Devon Hall: All around wing that is a solid scorer as well. Lots of role player potential but a little small and not very lengthy.
  59. Phoenix Suns: Pg/Sg Issuf Sanon: 6’4 international point, very young with explosiveness. Draft and stash prospect. Long road to the NBA but younger than Jaren Jackson and Knox.
  60. Philadelphia 76ers: Sf/Pf/C Kostas Antetokounmpo: Will get drafted due to his family’s pedigree and some sneaky athleticism. Good size and length for a 4/3 but very raw. Doctors reportedly said he is not done growing and has potential to be taller than 7 feet, which could be quite scary indeed.


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